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At VYKIX, we’re proud to introduce overclocked Intel i9-13900K machines. These powerhouses are engineered to redefine performance standards and elevate your hosting performance.

Why the need for such power?

Rearmed DayZ

The Intel 12th-generation processors were already blazing fast. The answer lies in DayZ Standalone, a game that hungers for MAX single-core processing power.

DayZ Standalone server owners are well aware of its greedy appetite for CPU power. With a severe dependence on one or two processor cores, the game’s performance hinges on single-thread capabilities, especially when supporting large player populations. A CPU with a low-clock speed can struggle to maintain high player counts, but with the proper optimizations, a high-clock speed processor can handle up to 127 players seamlessly.

The Intel i9-13900K is not just a DayZ Standalone savior; it’s a game-changer for titles such as Rust, FiveM, Minecraft, etc. With a jaw-dropping CPU benchmark of a multi-core score of 59,773 and a single-threaded score of 4,669, this powerhouse boasts 24 cores, 32 threads, eight performance cores (p-cores), and 16 high-efficiency cores (e-cores).

Now, let’s dive into the real magic – the performance boost. We conducted rigorous tests at our Frankfurt location, where server owners tested these machines under optimal conditions. Our setup included the Intel i9-13900K CPU, 64GB of DDR5 Memory clocked at 6000MHz, and a 1TB NVMe Samsung 980 Evo Pro storage drive.

Rearmed DayZ

In addition, our commitment to superiority extends to the network infrastructure, maintaining high-capacity up to 10Gbps network cards seamlessly connected to our robust 17 Terabits per second world-leading network fortified with advanced Anycast technology.

Designed with the DayZ Standalone community in mind, our tests ensure direct comparisons with our other dominating Intel/AMD builds.

Now, let’s get to the exciting part.

Rearmed DayZ, a prominent DayZ community, recently shattered performance records using our Intel Core i9-13900K processor in the beloved game DayZ Standalone. They pushed the boundaries of the processor by overclocking it to a staggering 5.9+ GHz, achieving unprecedented in-game performance levels.

Rearmed DayZ

Our benchmarking results are nothing short of awe-inspiring. On average, we observed a remarkable 20% boost in performance compared to Intel’s 12th-generation builds.

Achieving such an overclock required finesse and expertise. We selected the correct motherboard and cooling solutions, adjusted BIOS settings, and harnessed the power of software tools like Intel XTU to fine-tune stability.

Effective cooling was paramount, given the heat generated during overclocking. We implemented a custom water-cooling system featuring a large radiator and high-performance fans, ensuring the processor remained at optimal temperatures.

Our choice of motherboard, the MSI Z690/Z790 PRO, equipped with robust power delivery, VRM cooling, OC voltage checkpoints, and temperature sensors, played a crucial role in our overclocking journey.

After extensive trial and error, we achieved a rock-solid overclock of 5.9 GHz, revolutionizing DayZ hosting gameplay. The impact was monumental, with Rearmed DayZ reporting smooth, issue-free server hosting with remarkable frame rates.

Rearmed DayZ

Rearmed DayZ

Overclocking demands time and caution, but the rewards for pushing your hardware’s limits are undeniable. With the right tools, knowledge, and care, you can supercharge your processor’s performance and elevate your game hosting experience.

If you’re eager to experience the future of game hosting performance, our team is ready to tailor a Dedicated solution that suits your needs. At VYKIX, we conquer new heights of hosting performance.

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