January 13, 2023

Our customer, Kryptic DayZ, recently encountered a staggering DDoS attack that exceeded 940 Gigabits per second. As we delve into this report, we’ll explore how VYKIX DDoS protection was vital in protecting Kryptic DayZ.


This DDoS attack was orchestrated by multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across various countries, forming a problematic botnet. The attackers employed crafty tactics, masking their attack as “player” packets aimed at crashing the DayZ server.

The DayZ-Specific DDoS attack

This DDoS attack is insidious because it can bypass most existing DDoS protection techniques. It tricks DayZ servers, triggering absurd CPU usage, reducing frames per second (FPS) to zero, and ultimately causing server crashes and potential database corruption.

Fortunately, Kryptic DayZ is a proud client of VYKIX. Armed with one of the most state-of-the-art DDoS protection technology available, we can stop attacks ten times this magnitude.

Mitigating the DDoS attack

Our network’s rapid response to the DDoS attack leveraged our global edge servers utilizing Anycast technology. Our Layer 4/7 Application filters successfully intercepted the initial 745 Gigabits per second TCP attack and the subsequent 931 Gigabits per second UDP attack.

Real Kryptic DayZ DDoS Network report
Real Kryptic DayZ DDoS Network report

At VYKIX, we proudly offer a network capacity of 17 Terabits per second, deployed across 22 major Internet Exchanges, enhanced with Anycast technology. This approach ensures that DDoS attacks are filtered and neutralized at their source, protecting your online operations even in the face of Terabit scale DDoS attacks.

Our strict packet verification process ensures that only legitimate traffic reaches our clients’ services. Coupled with our state-of-the-art layer 4/7 mitigation US-patented technology, we effectively neutralized the DDoS attack without impacting our customers.

The outcome of this endeavor speaks for itself:

Feedback from Kryptic DayZ Owner
Feedback from Kryptic DayZ Owner

We are equipped to stop these DDoS threats without adversely impacting our customers. Our cutting-edge layer 4/7 mitigation technology enables us to face such threats head-on.

The takeaway

DDoS attacks are on the rise, and their complexity continues to grow. As the Internet of Things expands, so does the frequency and sophistication of these DayZ DDoS attacks. VYKIX is determined in its commitment to delivering DDoS-protected Game servers and Hosting services, supported by an expanding arsenal of Layer 4/7 application filters. These filters keep us resilient against these attacks, and we extend the same protection to you!


For more information about our DDoS protection, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team. We are dedicated to addressing your inquiries promptly.

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