The Project DayZ vs 704 Gbps DDoS: Case Study



On Saturday night, thousands of players eagerly log in to play their favorite games, often on multiplayer servers. However, this weekend tradition took an unexpected turn for The Project DayZ when their server fell victim to a powerful DDoS attack.

What is DayZ Standalone?

DayZ Standalone is a survival game crafted by Bohemia Interactive, immersing players in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Players must scavenge for resources, craft weapons, and confront the undead and other survivors to stay alive. One unique feature of the game is permadeath, meaning that when a player dies, they lose all progress and must start anew.

Our DayZ DDoS filter

Our state-of-the-art DayZ filter provides complete protection for TCP and UDP traffic, protecting against potential DDoS attacks. Leveraging state-of-the-art stateful mitigation techniques, we can detect even the most intricate attacks without causing any disruption to our customers. Our secret weapon lies in eBPF/XDP, which enables us to process packets at a line rate developed explicitly for DayZ traffic. With our DayZ filter in place, the likelihood of a successful DDoS attack becomes virtually non-existent.

The DDoS attack

Real The Project DayZ DDoS Network report

On April 15th, 2023, we were confronted with a DDoS attack that peaked at 68.0 million packets per second (68.0 Mpkt/s) and 704 gigabits per second (704 Gb/s). Despite its challenging scale, the attack lasted only about five minutes. The most remarkable aspect of this incident was that The Project DayZ server remained completely lag-free, with no DayZ crashes or downtime for its dedicated players.

World-leading network

At VYKIX, we proudly offer a network capacity of 17 Terabits per second, deployed across 22 major Internet Exchanges, fortified with advanced Anycast technology. This approach ensures that DDoS attacks are filtered and neutralized at their source, protecting your online operations even in the face of Terabit scale DDoS attacks.

  • Utilization of US-patented XDP technology
  • Stateful mitigation techniques
  • Collaboration with over 1.2k ISPs
  • Speedy DDoS mitigation, averaging less than 60 seconds

Trust in our enterprise-level network to shield your online presence with relentless dedication. #AlwaysOnline

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If your host provider struggles to protect you from DDoS attacks, consider moving to With us, your business remains protected from DDoS attacks of any magnitude, and we guarantee that we’ll never null-route or let your operations go offline!

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