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Conquer new heights of hosting performance

VYKIX powers the biggest gaming networks, projects and enterprises and now, it's your turn. Packed with features and performance you won't find anywhere else!

DayZ Server Hosting

DayZ Hosting

Survive the zombie apocalypse, cooperate, and explore in DayZ's open-world sandbox.

Rust Server Hosting

Rust Hosting

Survive, thrive, explore and conquer in Rust's unforgiving open-world game environment.


Get affordable performance with scalable resources to kickstart your online operations.


Unlock maximum performance power with dedicated hardware tailored to meet any demands.



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Not just leaders in performance, but pioneering innovation

We prioritize innovation in all aspects of hosting. Our control panels offer essential features with easy navigation, fast response times, and a user-friendly interface, delivering a premium experience. At VYKIX, we lead the way in hosting performance and innovation.

 Premium features

Discover a world of exclusive, premium features that set VYKIX apart from the competition

World-leading DDoS protection

Powered by a network capacity of 17 terabits per second, deployed across 22 major internet exchanges, fortified with advanced Anycast technology.

Premium Performance

Crafted with precision, our gaming-grade servers deliver leading performance, efficiency, reliability, and exceptional overclocking capabilities.

High availability

Experience uninterrupted power, cooling, and network operations. Let us handle uptime while you concentrate on the growth of your business or project!

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a trial period?

We only offer a 24-hour trial period for our game servers. However, due to abuse protection measures/high demand, trials are unavailable for DayZ Standalone.

How can I check the latency of your hosting services?

To check the latency of our hosting services, you can utilize our Looking Glass tool, available at lg-fra.vykix.com. This resource enables you to assess the ping and network performance effectively.

What are the differences between VDS and Dedicated?

Dedicated Servers offer maximum performance power with dedicated hardware tailored to meet any demands. They are ideal for resource-intensive applications and tasks demanding intense performance.

On the other hand, VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers) provides affordable performance with scalable resources. They balance performance and affordability, making them suitable for various applications and mid-sized businesses/projects.

I'm transitioning from another hosting provider. Can I benefit from a discount?

For those transitioning from another provider, don't hesitate to contact our Sales Team for more information on how we can assist you during your transition. Your journey with us starts with exceptional value and support.

I have some questions before placing an order. Is it possible to have a conversation with a representative?

Certainly! We encourage you to reach out to our dedicated Sales Team. They are here to provide you with the information and guidance you need. Feel free to get in touch, and we'll ensure all your questions are addressed, helping you make an informed decision.