April 16, 2023

Saturday night. When thousands of players turn their systems to play their favourite game until their favourite server (if they play multiplayer) gets a DDoS attack. This was what happened to The Project DayZ.

What is DayZ Standalone?

Bohemia Interactive created the video game DayZ Standalone. This is a survival game set in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic universe. To survive, players must scavenge for supplies, build weapons, and fight creatures and other players. The game contains permadeath, meaning that when a player dies, they lose all their progress and must begin from the beginning.

DayZ DDoS filter

Our DayZ filter protects TCP and UDP traffic against potential DDoS attacks. Our state-of-the-art stateful mitigation techniques allow us to detect even the most complex attacks without causing any disruption to the customers. We accomplish this primarily through eBPF/XDP, which provides packet processing capabilities at a line rate for DayZ traffic. With our DayZ filter in place, the chance of a successful DDoS attack is nonexistent.

The DDoS attack

On April 15th, 2023, we received the DDoS attack shown below, which was precisely at 68.0 Mpkt/s (68 million packets per second) 704.0 Gb/s (704 gigabits per second).

With a duration of roughly 5 minutes, the DDoS attack was short-lived. The best part was that The Project DayZ server got no lag or DayZ crash/downtime for their players.

Global Anycast network

VYKIX has 17,000 Gbps (17 thousand Gigabits per second) network capacity deployed in over 22 major Internet Exchanges around the world with Anycast system. We announce our IPs from all the Internet Exchanges, so DDoS attacks are filtered and stopped in the filtering center close to the attack source.

• 24 Internet Exchanges
• Advanced XDP technology
• Stateful mitigation
• Over 1.2k ISPs privately connected
• Less than 60 seconds average DDoS mitigation

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Are you currently having DDoS attacks on your host provider, and they are failing to protect you? We will offer you a discount to move to the VYKIX network, and we will protect you regardless of DDoS attack size, we will never null route or let your business go offline.