January 13, 2023

DDoS attacks, also known as distributed denial of service (DDoS), are on the rise and substantially impact online businesses.

A DDoS attack occurs when an attacker overwhelms a website or online service with traffic, preventing users from reaching it.

The following article will explain a DDoS attack, how it works, and how VYKIX’s DDoS protection can prevent it.

What is a DDoS attack exactly?

In a DDoS attack, the attacker attempts to overwhelm the targeted server, service, or network with excessive internet traffic to interrupt its regular online operation.

The goal is to render the targeted website or service unreachable, which could result in a substantial revenue loss or harm the company’s reputation. Since the attacker uses multiple devices, which are frequently hacked devices known as botnets, it is hard to identify the attack’s origin.


Photo by Bunny.net
Photo by Bunny.net

Types of DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks come in various shapes, each with a unique strategy. The following are some of the most typical DDoS attack types:

UDP Flood: A DDoS attack targeting companies that host video games. Voice and game servers often use the UDP protocol, rendering them vulnerable to UDP Flood attacks.

Domain name system (DNS) servers are the target of a DDoS attack known as a DNS flood. The attack overloads the DNS server with traffic, rendering it inaccessible to authorized users.

TCP SYN Flood: This DDoS attack uses the TCP/IP protocol’s structure. The target receives a barrage of TCP SYN packets from the attacker, draining its resources and blocking it from being used by authorized users. This DDoS attack targets mostly Web Hosting providers.

To defend against these DDoS attacks, VYKIX has created an unbreachable DDoS protection system. Through lab and user testing, our engineering team has assessed the vulnerabilities. We can provide solutions specific to each service the customer is operating since we have recognized the various attack methods.

While allowing genuine traffic to flow through untouched, our DDoS protection technology identifies and mitigates malicious traffic.

We can protect you against TCP attacks, DNS flood, NXDOMAIN, SMURF, fragmented ACK, UDP flood, reflected ICMP & UDP, brute force, Steam amplification, IGMP, ICMP, spoofing, Slowloris, mixed SYN + UDP, ping of death, and teardrop, among others.

We have a 99.99% success record in mitigating DDoS attacks and less than 60 seconds average DDoS mitigation, and our technology is built to withstand high-volume (Terabits size) attacks.

In conclusion

DDoS attacks are growing more frequent and may affect online businesses. To be protected from DDoS attacks, it’s critical to have a solid DDoS protection system in place. VYKIX’s DDoS protection technology can protect you against all DDoS attacks. Protect your online businesses with VYKIX’s DDoS protection technology and stop DDoS attacks from shutting down your online presence.

Do you require more data about our DDoS protection? Reach out to support, and we will be honored to respond to your inquiry.