January 13, 2023

We discovered a DDoS attack on one of our customers (Kryptic DayZ), which swiftly grew to exceed 940 Gigabits per second. We kept an eye on the network throughout this period to see where the DDoS attack started, who the target was, and how our network behaved.

The source of this DDoS attack was multiple ISPs and countries (botnet), with specific packet headers to crash the DayZ server.

DayZ-specific DDoS attack

This DDoS bypasses most current DDoS protection firewalls by masquerading as a “player” packet. DayZ would try to process it, causing high CPU usage and “0” FPS, crashing the DayZ server, and sometimes ruining your DayZ database due to the “app crash”. This specific DDoS attack is where other providers will fail to protect you.

Luckily, Kryptic DayZ is a VYKIX client, and since we have one of the most state-of-the-art DDoS protection, we can mitigate DDoS attacks ten times larger than this one.

Our network immediately detected and responded to the DDoS attack, utilizing our global edge servers (Anycast) to balance and neutralize the attack. Our Layer 4/7 Application filters were able to block the initial 745 Gigabits per second TCP attack, as well as the subsequent 931 Gigabits per second UDP attack.

VYKIX has 17,000 Gbps (17 thousand Gigabits per second) network capacity deployed in over 22 major Internet Exchanges around the world with Anycast system. We announce our IPs from all the Internet Exchanges, so DDoS attacks are filtered and stopped in the filtering center close to the attack source. Regardless of DDoS attack size, we will never null route or let your business go offline.

To ensure that only legitimate traffic reaches our client’s service, each packet that enters our network goes through a thorough verification process. This, in combination with our cutting-edge layer 4/7 mitigation technology and ability to mitigate through layer 4/7 floods, enabled us to successfully stop the DDoS attack without any impact on our customers.

The DDoS attack was quickly dealt with:

Kryptic DayZ DDoS case study

Quite simply, the results were astounding.

– Vouch of Kryptic DayZ owner

We can stop this DDoS attack in its tracks without affecting our customers. Our cutting-edge layer 4/7 mitigation technology and our ability to mitigate through layer 4/7 floods allowed us to achieve this.

Is there anything I can gain from this?

Denial of service (DDoS) attacks are rising, and it’s hard to tell where the year will go from here. As the internet of things spreads around the globe, so does the number and complexity of DDoS attacks. VYKIX is committed to provide DDoS protected Game servers and Hosting services with an ever-expanding library of Layer 4/7 application filters. This diverse set of filters keeps us up and running during these attacks, and we will do the same for you.

Do you require more data about our DDoS protection? Reach out to support, and we will be honored to respond to your inquiry.