How to use Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is a feature of the Windows operating system that allows users to access and control another computer remotely over a network connection. [...]

Case studies

Kryptic DayZ vs 940 Gigabits per second DDoS attack

We discovered a DDoS attack on one of our customers, which swiftly grew to exceed 940 Gigabits per second. We kept an eye on the [...]


What is a DDoS attack and why do I need DDoS protection?

A DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack is a malicious attempt to overload a server with a flood of network packets, making it unavailable to [...]


How to create a WinMTR report

WinMTR (Windows Network Diagnostic Tool) is a free tool that can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot network issues. To create a WinMTR report, follow [...]

Case studies

Secrets of Rearmed DayZ success in DayZ hosting

Rearmed DayZ, a well-known DayZ community, recently achieved impressive results with our Intel Core 13900K processor in the popular game DayZ Standalone. By pushing the [...]