Conquer new heights of DayZ Standalone hosting performance with VYKIX

  • Unlimited slots and storage
  • All mods and maps supported
  • DayZ DDoS protection
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Intel I7-12700K/I9-12900K CPUs
  • Used by the biggest DayZ servers

Empowering enterprises, gaming networks, projects and beyond.

Control panel for DayZ Standalone

VyPanel is a simple and user-friendly control panel that includes all of the functionality you want for an enjoyable DayZ Standalone hosting experience. Some of our features below:

• Full FTP access & browser file management.
• Sub-user login.
• Create databases.
• Real time console logs.
• Scheduled commands.
• Start, stop & restart servers.
• Usage statistics.

• And countless other features.

Basic package

• Intel Core I7-12700K

• Unlimited storage

• Shared cores

• Unlimited slots

• USA and Europe

• CFTools supported

• DayZ DDoS protection
• RAM DDR5 4800Mhz

Performance package

• Intel Core I9-12900K

• Unlimited storage
• Dedicated cores

• Unlimited slots

• USA and Europe

• CFTools supported

• DayZ DDoS protection
• RAM DDR5 4800Mhz

Please note our servers are for the PC Steam version of Dayz Standalone , our servers are NOT COMPATIBLE with  PS4/XBOX.

Why choose us?

Unbreachable DDoS protection
17,000 Gbps (17 thousand Gigabits per second) DDoS protection deployed in over 22 major Internet Exchanges (around the world) with Anycast system.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
Our 99.9% uptime ensures reliable power, cooling, and network operation for your business's success. Let us handle uptime so you can focus on growth.

No noisy neighbors/over-selling

We only use up to 65% of the total system's resources. Therefore, we guarantee everyone will have smooth and fast DayZ Standalone hosting with us.

Easy backups & unlimited storage
Use as much storage as needed, following our fair use policy and ensure data safety with offsite backups and the ability to revert to the latest backup.

Premium locations
Our New York location is perfect latency-wise for North America and Western-Europe, while Germany is best suited for Western-Europe and Eastern-Europe.

100% NVMe SSDs powered
Our clients deserve nothing but excellence, which is why we only use NVME SSDs on our services, allowing for first-class read and write speeds.

Ready to host with VYKIX? :)

Our dedication to quality has won the trust of many well-known brands in the hosting industry. We're rated Excellent 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot & Google.

Frequently asked questions

Who uses VYKIX for DayZ hosting?

Rearmed, Kryptic, Archon DayZ, Titan DayZ, The Project and many others.

Who can play on my DayZ server?

You can invite your friends, family, and anyone that owns DayZ to join your server and enjoy a DayZ adventure together.

How long does setup take?

The DayZ server is immediately activated as soon as the first payment is received.

Do I have to port forward?

No port forwarding is needed for our DayZ servers. We manage all networking for you.

What do you mean by unlimited storage?

You may use as much space as you need for your DayZ server if you respect our fair use policy, which specifies that any files on the server must be essential to its operation.

Can I use a custom mod for DayZ?

VYKIX provides complete server file access. Our control panel lets you upload any mod packs/files.