June 4, 2023

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, entrepreneurs worldwide faced unprecedented challenges. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, VYKIX emerged as a beacon of innovation and resilience. Founded after the COVID era, VYKIX swiftly rose to prominence in Game Servers and Hosting Services. The journey began with a passionate team fueled by years of experience and a profound market understanding.

The birth of VYKIX


However, this journey had its share of trials. Once, our owner was in a frustrating cycle of unreliable hosting providers. Every server he hosted for games like Rust, DayZ, CS: GO, and GMOD seemed to suffer from constant downtime, terrible performance, and a complete lack of support. It was a never-ending battle to keep his gaming communities alive and thriving.

Exploring countless providers

He tried numerous hosting companies, only to be disappointed time and time again. The stress of dealing with unreliable services took a toll on his passion for gaming and server hosting. It was clear that the industry was in dire need of a change.

A vision for change

Fueled by his deep knowledge of hardware and hosting, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He visualized a hosting company that would finally set a new standard for the industry. This company would offer rock-solid uptime, leading performance, exceptional support, and world-leading DDoS protection.

That’s when VYKIX was born, driven by a mission to provide a hosting experience that gamers and server owners truly deserved. It was a bold leap into hosting but has brought about a new era of reliability and excellence, setting a gold standard for the gaming community and beyond.

Perfection crafted through experience

VYKIX, with years of experience in server hosting and game servers, possesses a deep understanding of what gamers and businesses need for a flawless hosting career. Drawing from this knowledge, VYKIX perfected its products and services to cater to the unique demands of game server owners.

Dominating the DayZ hosting scene

Today, VYKIX is one of the largest DayZ hosting providers in 2022 and 2023, particularly in Europe. Since its inception, VYKIX has been delivering powerful hosting products and reliable infrastructure to private and business customers. Its success is attributed to a winning combination of innovative technology, competitive pricing, premium support, and flexible customer service.

Why VYKIX stands out?

Choosing the right hosting partner is crucial for the success and expansion of your online presence in the current digital environment. Finding a hosting provider that meets all requirements can be challenging, with many available options. However, VYKIX stands out as one of the most reliable hosting partners.

Tier 4 Data Centers


VYKIX only utilizes Tier 4 data centers with unmatched uptime & security. Designed for mission-critical operations, a Tier 4 DC offers fault-tolerant infrastructure, multiple redundancies, and stringent security measures. It ensures 99.995% uptime, compliance with regulations, scalability, efficiency, disaster recovery, high-speed connectivity, and 24/7 support.

Custom built-to-order solutions

At VYKIX, we understand that every business has unique requirements. That’s why we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team works closely with you to create server builds that align with your business goals and ensure optimal performance, redundancy, and stability.

Secure servers and 24/7 remote hands

Your data is of utmost importance to us. We’ve implemented extensive protocols to ensure your internet safety, including locking our servers in secure cabinets with 24/7 monitoring. Additionally, our data centers are staffed round-the-clock with highly skilled technicians ready to assist with any tasks or issues that may arise.

Empowering enterprises, the largest gaming networks, projects, and beyond!

VYKIX’s commitment to excellence has earned us a stellar reputation. With 4.8+ reviews in Google Business and Trustpilot, our customers consistently recognize and appreciate the quality of our hosting.

Performance guaranteed

Meticulously built gaming-grade systems with precision-selected hardware for maximum performance, efficiency, reliability, and overclocking capabilities.

Up to 10G uplink

Unlock limitless potential with up to 10G uplink. Elevate your online experience with blazing-fast speeds. Embrace the future of connectivity.

High availability

High power, cooling, and network operation availability for your business’s success. Let us handle uptime so you can focus on growth!

Enterprise-grade cooling

Our enterprise-grade cooling solutions maintain ideal temperatures for intense workloads, delivering reliability and efficiency.

Leading through innovation is also our core mission

We provide streamlined and refined control panels packed with indispensable features for our hosting services. Enjoy smooth navigation, fast response times, a user-friendly interface, and more, ensuring a premium user experience.

World-leading DDoS protection

Powered by a network capacity of 17 terabits per second, deployed across 22 major internet exchanges, fortified with advanced Anycast technology. This approach ensures that DDoS attacks are filtered and neutralized at their source, protecting your online operations even in the face of Terabit scale DDoS attacks.

  • Utilization of US-patented XDP technology
  • Stateful mitigation techniques
  • Collaboration with over 1.2k ISPs
  • Speedy DDoS mitigation, averaging less than 60 seconds

Conquer new heights of hosting performance with VYKIX. Your hosting partner for Game Servers, Web, Colocation, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, and much more. Get started today!